IS this unamerican?

This is as American as it gets. Made by Americans, for Americans, in America.
It’s more American than a pair of conjoined bald eagles shotgunning Budweisers during the National Anthem.


When will i get my game?

Hold your war horses, pedestrians. This is a custom game, it’s gonna take about a week to ship and print. Sad!


how many people can play?

1-1.5 Million people.


WHO made this?

    A group of natural born Americans born in America. And one visa holder with one of the highest IQs to ever make games.


Where did all the facts come from?

    The world wide web invented by presidential candidate (loser!) Al Gore in 2005.


How the hell do i play?


Split group into two teams.
Shuffle the deck and place it in the middle of the table.
Tell 1.5 million people how excited you are to play. Tweet about this.
The player with the biggest hands goes first.

Game Play:

Player with the biggest hands reads statement to a player of their choosing from Team 2.
The player from Team 2 decides on their own whether the statement is a “Fact” or an “Alternative Fact.”
If they are correct, Team 2 gets the card. If they are incorrect, Team 1 keeps the card.
Teams rotate drawing cards back and forth. The player who answered last draws a card to start the next round.
If you draw a Trump Card, make America great again by following the instructions as written.
The first team to collect 15 cards and announce “I know cards. I have the best cards!” wins.


this game is terrible.

That's actually not a question.